AI Farming – Aeroponics

AI Farming – Aeroponics  The Future of Farming with AV,  The AI will grow your food in the future. What if we could grow delicious, nutrient-dense food, indoors anywhere in the world? GenZ generation slowly disconnects from farmlands, Using Aeroponics technology which has the ability to grow crops, plants and healthy food, is one idea that seeks to combat […]

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The Truth Of The Digital World

Images Illustrate The issues of the present day world and their profound concealed messages behind them is an eye opener. Facebook Jail, And you are in it ….  Bonkers for social media … Price tag … Feed yourself daily with social media … Sign of parenting … In a relationship … Everything You didn’t say […]

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Soon Robot will be the Boss

There really aren’t any professions completely safe from automation or Artificial Intelligence. Most visionaries will advise you to become resilient, moldable, and creative to ensure a job in the future of work. Whether you like it or not, there’s a digital shadow that follows you everywhere. 1. Human Assistants – The State Of Robot Caregivers To harness […]

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