Why without Driver Distraction and Progressing Warning System ADAS is incomplete?

Without Driver Distraction and Progressing Warning System ADAS is incomplete.

Driver distraction is a major factor in road accidents, according to the CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention), each day in the United States distracted driving causes approximately 11 death cases and more than 1500 injured cases. Similarly, India became one of the largest country due to enormously increasing of transportation on the road and there by accidents are increasing surprisingly day to day due to driver distraction and negligence. Many Automotive and transport regulatory, rating and investigative bodies are recommending the use of driver state monitoring for the new vehicle designs and existing Vehicle.

A Driver monitoring system is a real-time system that collects observable information about the driver and tests their ability to perform the dynamic driving tasks in a safe manner. There are several approaches far driving monitoring system is there. Among them, sensors based and non-contact based such as camera-based driving monitoring systems are the best alternatives. However. the camera-based solution has more advantageous over the sensor-based solution due to their non-contact applications. Besides they are not so expensive to use in the real-life scenario.

Our DriveSens system provide DDS with 97% Accuracy.
Unsafe Behavior;
Phone Call;
and others.

Alert/Warning for,
• Real Time Response
• Advance Image Duality for Night/Low light
• Snick Reaction to Cloud
• Highly Accurate in Performance
• Alert broadcast to all necessary recipients
• Al based Real Time System without Failure
• Capture Evidence within Real Time
• Fully Automatic Calibration System
• Generation of Sound Alert within 200 millisecond
• High Performance Camera Sensor

Assisted Driving System

Driver Monitoring Systems