AI Farming – Aeroponics

AI Farming – Aeroponics

 The Future of Farming with AV,  The AI will grow your food in the future.

What if we could grow delicious, nutrient-dense food, indoors anywhere in the world?

GenZ generation slowly disconnects from farmlands, Using Aeroponics technology which has the ability to grow crops, plants and healthy food, is one idea that seeks to combat the global food crisis.

This agriculture and progressive farming technique, the development of innovative technology could change the future of farming and global sustainability.

This indoor farming unit is essentially a miniature crop field that can be dismantled, shipped and rebuilt anywhere in the world in Vehicle.

The nascent field of “digital farming,” or next-generation control environment agriculture, also continued to grow by leaps and bounds, the booming possibilities, as control environments, sensor networks, computer vision, robotic systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence create and analyze diverse data sets on farming in everything from climate, in-field conditions, and nutrition, to purchasing, chemistry, biology, and genetics.

We view changing climate, limited resources, growing populations, and rapid urbanization coupled with advances in technology, biology, mobility and energy as an exciting opportunity for agricultural innovation.

However, to decode and understand the awesome complexity of interactions between everything from root microbes and bacteria, to minerals, atmospheric gases, genetics, nutrition, biochemical expression, biomass generation, and so forth — and then to recode and employ this complexity to feed the world more sustainably.

We strive to be for digital farming what HTML was for developing the internet, we have been building standard protocols and open hardware for this new method of food production.